2017 Iron Tribe Events and Challenges

Forrest Walden
February 7, 2017

Hello, Tribe!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the past month of the New Year along with our new programming. This is something we planned, tested, and modified all of last year to be primed for excellence for your experience in 2017, and we appreciate all the positive feedback you’ve been generating about PUSH, POWER and PERFORM!

With a New Year comes a new calendar. We want you to see the greatest fitness results of your life in 2017, all while having an absolute blast. Therefore, we went back to the drawing board at the close of 2016 and thought through what would create maximum participation for our event calendar for 2017!

This year, we’ll be featuring some faithful and familiar events with a couple new twists as well as some never-before-seen events that we hope you’ll love! Also, one of our favorite features about this year’s calendar is that all of our happenings are now location specific.

What does this mean?

Basically, you will be able to enjoy the experience of past events within the comfort and intimacy of your home gym and fellow workout-mates!

Are you a veteran to Iron Tribe events? Then this may leave you a little sad….but we hope it will still be something you give a chance as well. We want to get more of our clients involved!

From the various forms of feedback we get (surveys, focus groups, direct emails and phone calls, client committees, participation numbers, etc.) our large events are not rated as well as the events held at each location. The reasons are all over the board, but fall into the main buckets of:

  • Would rather just see more consistent Saturday classes than big events
  • Too far from (my) home, too much time away from (my family) on a Saturday
  • The largest amount saying the big events are too intimidating.

This does not mean they are gone forever! As a Tribe, we want more of you to experience the fun and camaraderie that events, challenges and competitions bring. With them being local, planned in advance, a shorter time commitment, AND done next to only those you workout with each day – we hope to get MORE of you involved that may not normally try an event.

So to those ITF event veterans (even though they will be a bit different this year) get your classmates excited about giving these events a try!

So without further ado, let’s introduce what 2017 will look like.

The following events are the cornerstones of the 2017 Calendar. They’re consistent in date and format across the brand, and we can’t wait to share in these events across the country with you!

Transform Challenge (Spring)

March 1 – April 14,

In a previous blog post I wrote about why we pushed the challenge back to March of this year. In short, we thought it would be chaos to be implementing our new programs on top of running our biggest challenge of the year. Next year we will move this challenge back to January. Another annual event that will conflict with this year’s event planning only is the March Madness Challenge. Because we will be in the middle of our Transform Challenge we will not be having that this year but will bring it back next year better than ever.

Previously known as the Transformation Challenge, the new and improved Transform Challenge is full of new ideas while maintaining the ultimate goal of fat loss and physique enhancement. In addition to Measurement (Moment of Truth) Days before and after the Challenge where we see how your hard work affected your body composition and workout scores, this year we’ll have a few new features:

Nutrition Templates custom built by industry-leading resources to give you a leg up in achieving your goals Nutrition Workshop to help with meal prep ideas and tips to fuel your body for success Skill Workshop where your coaches will help you hone in on a particular skill on a Saturday

Perform Challenge (Summer)

June 1 – 30

Previously known as the Power Challenge, the new and improved Perform Challenge is full of new ideas while maintaining the goal of gaining strength, losing fat, and enhancing performance. In addition to Measurement (Moment of Truth) Days before and after the Challenge where we see how your hard work affected your body composition and workout scores, this year we’ll have a few new features:

Nutrition Templates custom built by industry-leading resources to give you a leg up in achieving your goals. The “Mass Gain” template will be introduced here on top of the “Cut” template that you will get to know in the Transform challenge. Mindset Workshop to help with conquering the mental obstacles that impede performance Lifting Workshop where your coaches help you hone in on a particular power or Olympic lift on a Saturday

Tribe Competition

August 12,

For six years we have run an annual team competition called Tribal Wars. It has grown in size and scope every single year. It started at our Highway 280 location in 2011 where 60 clients from the then two tribes of Homewood and 280 gathered to compete. Each year we have searched larger venues, increased the budget of the event, recruited more volunteers, coaches and vendors as well as demanding more of our coaches here in Birmingham to pull it off. Last year the event was held at the BJCC and we had over 600 competitors from Tribe locations around the country.

As large as the event has become we still have numerous Tribe locations that can’t make the trek to Birmingham and our percentage of Birmingham clients that participate has actually gone down. We had just over 10% of our Birmingham client base at Tribal Wars 2016.

On top of that we had to shut down all 6 Birmingham gyms down for two days to pull off the event. Our coaches put in three 12+ hour days over the weekend and were exhausted come Monday morning!

When you put all of that together with low participation, lower ratings on big events and the desire to see more consistent Saturday class offerings we knew it was time to go back to the drawing board.

This is something we discussed with the entire brand at our annual franchise conference in October and we collectively decided to run the Tribal Wars event back at the local gym level like we did back in 2011! If you were there for that event it was truly a special and fun day.

Our hope is that by allowing each location to run and host their own competition that we can get more of you to compete while reducing the time we have to close the gyms and the immense strain on the organization that an event the size of last years Tribal Wars demands.

Using Facebook Live, we will kickoff the event together from our headquarters in Birmingham and keep track of scoring across the nation throughout the day. This is a new take on a beloved competition, and we can’t wait to have even more of you take part than ever before.

Transform Challenge (Fall)

September 13 – October 27,

Through our research this last year, we know that for most of us at Iron Tribe, fat loss and physique enhancement remains the primary goal. That’s why we’re hosting TWO Transform Challenges in 2017 help you stay on track in realizing your dreams.

This Transform Challenge is the same as the one in the Spring, except now you don’t have to feel as guilty about indulging a piece or two of Halloween candy and you will be all set to dive into the holiday season, feeling great!

The following events are optional and encouraged for your home gym. If something catches your eye, be sure to ask your coach or manager about it!

Tribe 5k or Tribe Tri

Your home gym will have the choice to either host a 5k Race or Triathlon, done Tribe Style! We will tweak these world-famous fitness events to include mini-workouts that will certainly push you to be at your best.

As always, there will be appropriate and functional scaling for beginner and seasoned vet alike, so everyone can succeed while having a blast! Here’s the best part: ALL the proceeds from this event will go to benefit a local charity of your gym’s choosing. There’s no better way to get your sweat on AND make a difference in your community!

Workout for Water

Workout for Water will raise awareness and funds for NeverThirst, a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to bringing clean and living water to the poor around the globe. This innovative workout will demonstrate the difficulties that millions of people endure daily just to gather water for their families. This event is ideal for any athlete willing to donate time, resources, and physical energy to a workout that will help change lives forever.

Our Workout for Water movement has already raised over $2,000,000 since it’s inception at our first ever location in 2010! We are excited to continue to add to that number of people we have been able to serve through clean and living water in 2017.

Iron Competition

Here’s the perfect opportunity to test your newfound strength! This individual, weight lifting-based competition is perfect for anyone looking to have a good time and cap off the end of the Perform Challenge.

Tribe Academy

Summer 2017, Location Specific Program

Ever wondered how your kids can get involved with the Tribe? Not to worry! This 6-8 week summer program will meet 2-3 times per week and keep your kids safe, active, and having the time of their lives. We can’t think of a better way to instill healthy habits in your children than to let them have a blast this summer with Iron Tribe!

Fitness Competition

Here’s the perfect opportunity to test your newfound endurance! This competition will either be individual or partner based and will be skill-focused. This is a great opportunity to wrap up the Transform Challenge and see what you’re now able to accomplish! The Fitness Competition will be an excellent fit for PUSH and POWER athletes alike.

We believe 2017 will be the Tribe’s best year yet as we seek to help you reach your goals in new and exciting ways. We can’t wait to see you in the gym!

P.S. – Two annual events that you may notice are missing are TribeFecta and Tribe Invitational. Every year we have literally had to beg people to get signed up for these events and they have historically been our lowest attended big events that we run. Dropping these events allow us more capacity and ability to focus on your daily class experience as well as more consistent Saturday classes.

Forrest Walden

Forrest is the founder and CEO of Iron Tribe Fitness. He pioneered the brand from his home garage in 2010, quickly franchising the company to include multiple stores throughout the country. He graduated from Auburn University and lives in Homewood, Ala., with his four children and wife, Mendy.