A common question I hear is ‘what are some easy ways to get fit?’ My initial response is ‘did you just use the words ‘easy’ and ‘fit’ in the same sentence?’ Then I realized that when you break it all down, most people who are in shape really just do three things. At the most basic level, pretty much all fit people do these three things:

1. They eat well

Most people struggle with choosing better foods to eat. Food is our fuel and by eating better our bodies will last longer and be fueled for fitness activities. Like an engine, our body needs the best fuel and energy it can get, or like an engine running on cheap gasoline or on an empty tank, your body will be sputtering and eventually it will break down. A simple way to get started on better eating is to know what you eat now and give up a few of the unhealthy foods in your current diet. There are many helpful tools and nutrition templates out there that can help you make simple and smarter food choices. A fitness coach can help you get started on a nutrition plan that will work for you.

2. They exercise

Most people blame not having enough time in the day to be active. Working out can be personalized to match your current level of fitness and structured for your specific goals. Finding time to be active must become a priority in order for you to be the fit person you want to be. Carve out a few extra minutes in your day to move more. Stand up for a few minutes every hour and walk for 10 mins during breaks at work. As you advance into a more active lifestyle, try a few exercise classes or go for a jog a few days each week. Ultimately, joining a gym may help you hit those fitness goals.

3. They ENJOY eating well and exercising

Whatever eating or exercise changes you decide to make, never forget that you have to enjoy what you do or it will not last. Changing your normal food intake patterns or trying new activities are often intimidating, but when you get to that finish line, you will never forget those accomplishments. Always remember, it is not about finishing first but more about finishing your personal goal and having fun while doing it. We are not all Olympic athletes, but we can all set a goal, fuel and train our bodies to achieve a goal and enjoy the journey along the way.