Last week my family participated in a RunDisney weekend of races at Walt Disney World. My wife, nephew and I did the Wine & Dine Lumiere’s two course challenge which requires you to run and finish a 10K and a half marathon on two consecutive days starting at 530 am each morning.

During the half marathon I thought about how I was on this journey to the finish line and what all I had done in preparation to get there. A journey that requires not only physical stamina but also mental stability. Had I eaten enough before the race? Was I hydrated? Would my training pay off for a new PR? Is this really good for me? How heavy will that medal be around my neck?

Maybe you are on a journey toward better health? With individual dedication and focus, hard work and accountability you can be.

We all have personal goals in life and to accomplish them takes focus and individual dedication. We all know that making positive changes in life takes hard work. And maybe most importantly we all need a buddy system to hold us accountable in life.

Like the journey I completed in the RunDisney event, it isn’t an easy journey and with every positive change there will also be some setbacks. But hang in there because with the tough times there will also be those days when you see the results of all your efforts. (Look at this bling we got for finishing this two day journey!)

Here are a couple of questions to determine if you are on a journey toward better health:

  1. Do you have personal nutrition and exercise goals that you have decided to work toward? These can be simple like preparing healthy meals each day or going for a walk or complex like signing up for a two course running challenge.
  2. Have you set aside some time to be active a few times per week? This can be an organized gym workout or weekly runs with friend, co-worker or family member.
  3. Do you have a support team of friends, family and coaches? To do this requires communicating your goals to others and then trusting them to give you open and honest feedback along the way.
  4. Lastly, are you having fun while doing activities that help you be healthy? My family loves to be active and that’s why we have so much fun doing things like RunDisney a few times each year!

So go set some goals, make some time to workout, ask a friend to help and most of all enjoy your journey toward a healthier you!