An overwhelming amount of adults (and kids!) report having a high amount of stress in their life. Whether it be from work, school or relationships, there are countless triggers that can cause this horrible—sometimes crippling—emotion to creep into our lives. Now more than ever, it’s important to remember one of the best, no-prescription-needed ways to reduce stress…exercise. Physicians have been saying it for decades. Regular exercise has the power to greatly reduce stress as well as improve countless other areas of your life. If you’re looking for a few extra reasons why you need to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine, then check out our top five reasons below:

Regular exercise can improve self confidence

Confident womanYou know that feeling of pride you get when your boss says ‘job well done’ or your kid says ‘you’re the best mom or dad?’ You can get that same feeling—guaranteed—by regular exercise. Whether it’s a brisk walk or a heavy barbell session, working out regularly greatly increases self confidence. It’s the feeling of setting out to accomplish something and actually accomplishing it. When we invest in ourselves, the rewards are great. More self-confidence gives us a greater belief that we can tackle other areas of our life. This belief can greatly reduce stress and anxiety. 

Exercise can be a form of meditation

Barbell deadliftWhen most people think of meditation they think of a yoga mat, ambient music and someone sitting pretzel-style with their eyes closed. We’re about to shatter that stereotype. Regular exercise can also be a form of meditation (yes—those guys you see slamming barbells? They’re meditating!) Think about it. When we’re simply focusing on our body movements or completing a specific amount of ‘reps’ in a certain amount of time, we are meditating! Our mind can’t focus on the kids’ schedules, our boss’s long email or if we remembered to take out the trash. We are ‘in the zone.’ This is part of the reason why people love coming to Iron Tribe Fitness—it gives them ’45 minutes of ‘me time” where there are zero distractions.  

It increases endorphin production

Dumbbell RowsAlright, you knew we couldn’t get through this list without mentioning endorphins. This is the ‘scientific’ component of exactly why exercise can reduce stress. Endorphins, or as we like to call them—’the feel good hormones,’ produce a great sense of well-being and euphoria when released. You might have heard of some people mention this powerful feeling when they run, finish a hard workout or push their bodies a little further than before. If you want a natural way to give your body more of this great hormone, then regular exercise is the best free drug you can reach for! 

Moving your body helps prevent disease and other illnesses







Regular exercise promotes decisiveness 

We hear this all the time from our members….‘I was struggling with (insert problem) but then I went to the gym and figured out a solution!’  Regular exercise can help us clear our minds and sort through our thoughts. If you struggle with a ‘racing mind,’ sometimes the best relief is to exercise. Decision fatigue is real—and a great contributor to stress. By taking at least 30 minutes to move our bodies and exercise our muscles, we can begin to see a clearer picture of how to best address all those little (and sometimes big) decisions we must make throughout the day. 

Bonus Benefit: It promotes a healthy social network 

When you find others who encourage you to be better mentally and physically, a wealth of benefits follow. A lot of the stress in our lives can be attributed to our relationships. Having a network of friends who encourage you to improve yourself can work wonders on the soul. We hear it all the time at Iron Tribe Fitness. Aside from the physical benefits, the community keeps people hooked. If you’re in need of a new circle of friends that isn’t concerned with how much money you make, what your political beliefs are or what your wardrobe looks like, then consider joining a gym like Iron Tribe Fitness. Here, we’re all on the same playing field and we all have one simple goal—to improve ourselves!