Working out is often categorized as an individual activity. People take to the outdoors for a peaceful jog, or plug in their earbuds and get in the zone for a sweaty workout. But, studies show that working out in a group can often add accountability and a healthy dose of competition to your workout.

Interestingly, studies also show that when you include your significant other in your workout routine, your health — along with your relationship — can drastically benefit. By pushing each other to reach specific goals, couples are afforded the opportunity to cheer on their partner while also getting fit. Here are a few reasons why it might be wise to grab your sweetie pie next time you hit the gym.

1. Increased happiness within your relationship

Studies show that after working out together or participating in an exciting challenge, couples report feeling more satisfied with their partner. This could be caused by endorphins, or just the sheer act of seeing your partner succeed through a particularly challenging physical activity.

2. Increased emotional bond

Studies credit ‘nonverbal mimicry’ to this phenomenon. When partners workout together, they’ll often ‘sync’ their actions together, like running in unison or lifting weights in rhythm. This has a fascinating effect on the brain, and can actually cause couples to form deeper emotional bonds.

3. Added accountability

If you live with your significant other, there’s no escaping your workout partner. Having two alarm clocks go off in the morning and knowing that someone else is counting on you to make it in the gym makes staying accountable to your workout routine much easier.

4. Reduced arguments

Exercise has been linked to stress relief, and if you and your partner can work through stress together at the gym, chances are you’ll have less stress at home. Physical activity can also give you and your partner increased energy, resulting in more productivity and less procrastination.

5. You have a shared hobby

At the end of the day, belonging to a gym and working out together functions not only as a health incentive, but also a shared hobby. Couples who workout together have an extra topic to chat about, and another outlet for goal setting.

Read stories below from Iron Tribe couples who workout together!

Brittany and Jess

‘Jess and I love having Iron Tribe as something we both can share in and enjoy. Over the last three years it has become an important part of our everyday lives in regard to our health, community and overall well-being. We have fun pushing each other to stay accountable and work towards our goals. We have both enjoyed great results working with the coaches to grow stronger, eat clean and create a healthy lifestyle together. When our family grew in 2015, Iron Tribe was right there with us during my pregnancy. With help from coaches and the Homewood community, I was able to stay fit and active up until the birth of my healthy baby girl. Now, it gives us both the energy to keep up with her as a toddler! Working out adds a healthy competition to our relationship that has brought us closer together.’ — Brittany

Lindsey and Ryan

‘About two and a half years ago, I convinced Ryan to join Iron Tribe, because let’s face it, I like to win. I knew I could ensure a victory if he worked out with me. All jokes aside, we have worked out together for as long as we can remember. Couples who sweat together, stay together, am I right? It’s a great way to stay in shape, spend time together, and push each other to make those gainz. Life can get crazy and Iron Tribe gives us an hour each day to do something fun together that’s beneficial to our health…with a little healthy competition mixed in. Although we are apart this Valentine’s Day, I’m confident Ryan will be back to dominating me on those 400M runs by the end of the week.’ — Lindsey

Amy and John

‘Why we love Iron Tribe: I joined Iron Tribe in 2012 and it has been a lifesaver to me both physically and mentally. John just recently joined during the summer of 2016 and he has had the same experience. Of course we are both committed to the Paleo way of life (as best we can)and working out regularly, but it makes it so much easier and a lot more enjoyable when you have your better half cheering you on during a workout, or being supportive towards the Paleo way of eating. We do not always get to work out together, but we enjoy the times when we do…especially when Kari takes note of “how cute it is.” — Amy

Hillary and Jared

‘Jared and I met at Iron Tribe Homewood in the old gym right in front of the lockers. Jared recalls trying to keep up with me during a run on a benchmark workout and I remember telling my bestie, who is now at Iron Tribe Fitness Belle Meade, that the ‘hot architect’ offered to split a bag of whey protein with me. I can safely say now, don’t get the strawberry! Jared said Peggy Bourland and Jessica Parks told him I should help put together a Tribal Wars team and he immediately thought ‘Oh, I could ask Hillary to be the girl!’ We worked together after class to try to figure out how on earth I would clean and back squat 85 pounds for that Tribal Wars, not to mention the double unders. We fell in love. We enjoy pushing each other in class and particularly like doing partner workouts together. It is a real chance for us to work on our communication and encourage each other. We were married in October of 2015, and after almost 4 years of working out together, we still prefer being in class together.’