Creating a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it is not only about eating healthy and regular exercise. Getting fit is also about strong mental health, being able to keep a positive attitude, and a healthy self-image. Although there is a ton of advice on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle, here are some to keep in mind:

1. Make your plate colorful!

Fill your plate with brightly-colored foods. Protein, fruits, vegetables — these are the groups to focus on. When possible, try to incorporate as many leafy greens as possible and decrease processed foods. 

2. Avoid negativity.

Avoid any and all negative-based thinking as much as you can. Let go of any negative thoughts within yourself. Overeating tends to happen when we feel unhappy, so by staying in a positive state of mind, you cut out an unhealthy dependence on food to find comfort and stability. Instead, have alternative positive habits at your disposal. Go for a quick run. Write a thank you note. Schedule a workout. These are all healthy alternatives. 

3. Drink more water!

Most of us don’t drink enough water every day, but it is essential for our bodies. Water is necessary for our bodies to carry out essential functions, remove waste and transport nutrients and oxygen throughout our bodies. A good rule of thumb is to take your bodyweight, divide it by two and that’s how many ounces of water you should be consuming daily. 

4. Avoid trigger foods.

We all have our trigger foods. These are foods that one bite just isn’t enough. Everyone’s trigger foods are different, but typically they consist of high levels of refined sugar, salt, fat or flour. Identify these foods and eliminate them from your grocery list. 

5. Mindful eating.

Take your time eating! Your brain is responsible for feelings of hunger and fullness. Make meal time an event. If you’re currently scarfing down lunch at your desk, try taking just 5 minutes to intentionally eat. 

6. Prepare your own meals.

When you prepare meals yourself you make it easier to make the right choices for your health. This gives you control of calorie intake and macro-nutrient composition. 

7. Exercise.

Exercise is so important! Get your body moving at least 30 minutes a day! When we move our bodies and get our blood flowing, we trigger movement and encourage healthy change. We were made to move. 

We’re here if you need help with the exercise and nutrition habits. We have helped thousands of people create a realistic and healthy lifestyle. Find your closest Tribe today to learn more about our life-changing programs.