When hunger pangs strike, nothing seems possible. That email you’ve been trying to formulate a response to? Forget it. That load of laundry staring you down from the corner of your eye? Yeah, it’s not getting done.

The sad reality of restricting calorie intake is hunger. When the body is consuming less, it lets out a little scream (hunger) that zaps all of our energy.

So, what do you do?

Definitely don’t reach for the nearest doughnut or book it to the closest drive-thru. Instead, try keeping the below foods on hand. Reach for one when you feel those pesky hunger pangs start to gnaw at your soul. Wait a few minutes after consuming your healthy snack and keep your hunger at bay!


Relatively low in calories, eggs are a great food for warding off hunger. Hard boil them or whip up a quick scramble when you need something to munch on in a pinch.


They may be little but they are mighty! Keep a bag of almonds in your purse or inside your desk drawer. They’ll come in handy for when you’re waiting in the carpool line or for when that conference call goes longer than expected.

Oat meal

It instantly warms the belly and warms the soul — amirght? Grandma was on to something when she made us oatmeal back in the day. It’s a hardy meal that has the power to satiate for hours.


Ah, water. The ole classic. The reliable H2O. Calorie free, water is something you should probably reach for the moment you feel hunger creep in. Chances are it’ll cure any naughty craving you were thinking of fulfilling beforehand.

Chia seeds

Popular for putting in oatmeal and yogurt, chia seeds are like little (very little) bombs of crunch and flavor. Sprinkle them in your breakfast for an added pack deliciousness.

Brussel sprouts

Some people love them. Some people hate them. Whichever camp you fall in to, there’s no denying the power of the Brussel sprout. Season them with light olive oil and sprinkle with garlic and salt for the perfect power-packed veggie.

Nut butter

In reasonable portions, nut butter can be a life-saver when it comes to curing hunger. Make sure to stick to a small serving size, however. It can be easy to go crazy with this delicious treat.

Cottage cheese

Relatively light in calories, cottage cheese can be a great go-to for curing hunger. Blend it with berries or drizzle with honey for some added sweetness.


Leave the chips, keep the green. Avocado can serve as a hardy snack that’ll keep you fuller longer. Squeeze some lemon juice on it and top it with some salt and pepper for the perfect flavorful snack.