We’ve all heard about the importance of journaling. But, does it really work? We’re here to say, ‘YES!’ In fact, it can change your life. Check out the reasons why you should journal below, then download your FREE workbook and get to journaling today! This journal is designed to be completed in the morning and evening. It’s short, easy and highly effective. 

1. What you watch and measure improves. It’s an absolute fact. You can’t help but get better at things you keep top of mind.

2. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Your journal is a planning and assessment tool. In the morning you plan your day. In the evening you assess how it went.

3. The path to success – in anything – is always paved with consistent action. Consistency is your greatest ally.

4. Journaling reaffirms your abilities and commitment when the ugly head of self-doubt appears.

5. Common themes begin to appear. These are your core values. They guide you through life’s most trying times and lead you to life’s greatest victories.

6. Journaling strengthens your self-discipline. And discipline begets discipline. Like your muscles, the more you exercise your self-discipline, the stronger it becomes. Self-discipline is the building block of supportive habits.

7. You will get smarter. There is a unique relationship between your hand and brain, sparked by the composition of thoughts and ideas. Writing daily, even small amounts, boosts your memory and comprehension, and improves your communication skills.

8. Emotional intelligence – the ability to perceive and manage your emotions – is said to be the true indicator of IQ. Journaling allows you to process emotions, increase self-awareness and become more empathetic, which is the secret to powerful, rewarding relationships.

9. Systematic goal achievement. Most people write goals once a year and set them aside. And that’s why they rarely achieve them. The 7-Minute Victory Journal is a SYSTEM. The process of planning your day, every day, signals to your brain “this is important.” Your reticular activating system then goes to work helping you manifest your daily plan. You can really go deep into this topic, and if you do, you’ll discover hundreds of peer reviewed articles proving how powerful this daily process (system) is. It absolutely works. The secret to making it work is your commitment to consistency: using it every day.

Download your FREE journaling workout today!