Journey along with Kyle as he deals with cravings, meal prep, where to find healthy options in a hectic airport and more! If you missed the first and second installments of his blog series, no worries. You can check them out here:

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Here’s how Kyle tackled eating right on the first two days of his trip…


After my early flight, I have a layover in Baltimore. I could hit up the Chipotle in the airport — if you’re strategic, you can be pretty healthy there. But it’s still “breakfast” time, and that doesn’t seem like it’s going to hit the spot. Besides, traveling for a year with Matt White, our VP of Brand Expansion, has made Chipotle sort of a bad word for me. We used to have it at least once, sometimes twice a day. For now, just a large Americano coffee and snack on a protein bar. Waiting for better things in Nashville. When I arrive in Nashville, I pick up my rental Porsche (Ford Focus) and head toward my hotel. I know there is a Zoe’s Kitchen nearby and I can get something for lunch. It definitely hits the spot — 2 chicken kabobs, a small salad and roasted vegetables. Stick with water for a drink. I like Zoe’s because you can mix and match and they are good with substitutions. I forget to tell them no pita bread, which comes with everything, but I just leave it. I was raised in a “clean plate” home, but I’ve learned to suppress that mentality later in life. After lunch, I head to Kroger. It’s a pretty good grocery store. A lot of people down in the south really like Kroger. But I’m from upstate New York — and nothing (I mean NOTHING) compares to Wegman’s. I used to say that I could live there if they had cots in the back.