If you get creative, any home can become a home gym. Instead of barbells, ropes and dumbbells, turn to every-day household items to add a little weight to your daily workouts. Here’s a handy list of items that you likely already have laying around! Pick these up and work up a sweat. 

Gallon of water or milk

Gallon of Water

Water and milk jugs are great because they have handles — making them easy to grip, curl and swing. These can work as makeshift dumbbells or kettle bells, great for swings and carries! (If you opt for milk, finish the contents before repurposing it so your milk doesn’t spoil! Then, rinse and fill the jug with water.)

Large bottle of laundry detergent

laundry detergent

Laundry detergent bottles can be great kettle bell alternatives. A 72-ounce bottle weighs about 5 pounds. Grab them by the handle and do some curls or use them for squats, overhead lunges and squat thrusters!

Backpack filled with books or cans


Do you remember lugging around what seemed like 20 pounds of books as a kid? The original weighted vest = a backpack! Fill a sturdy backpack with books or canned foods, strap it on your back and wear it around the house. Body weight exercises like squats, lunges and pushups will be extra tough! You can even take the backpack off and grasp the straps to perform curls, shoulder presses or makeshift kettle bell swings.​

Bag of pet food

bag of pet food

Yes, you read that right — pet food! The average bag of dog food weighs about 40 pounds. If you’re looking for something heftier to lug around, this is a great option. Just make sure it’s unopened!

Standard bag of potatoes

Bag of potatoes

Potatoes are not only great for getting in your daily carbs, they can also sub as some great workout weights! If you need something a little lighter, this is a great option.

Case of La Croix

La Croix

La Croix has been all the rage for several years now. Pick up a box of this colorful faux soda and get to lifting!

Heavy Book


Switch out the medicine ball for a book when doing Russian Twists or weighted sit-ups! 


Need a resistance band? Grab a towel! Roll it up and use it to stretch out your shoulders or anything else that needs a little TLC after your sweat session. 

Paint Cans

paint cans

Those paint cans you have piled high in your garage? They were made for farmer carries! Lift up those bad boys and walk them down your driveway or around the house. 


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