I realize I over-do the cupcake talk. But that’s my achilles heel. You all have one so just replace cupcake with your own.

Actually, the things that sabotage me are two fold….

  1. The temptations (cupcakes, cookies, all things Mexican, etc)
  2. Negative Self Talk (typically occurs anywhere with fluorescent lighting. Especially when said lighting is paired with skinny jeans or, heaven forbid, a bathing suit. Why do stores put this in dressing rooms? Why haven’t we sued the makers of this lighting? I’m not a litigious person, but seriously! I remember crying in dressing rooms even at my tiniest. Grrrrrr, Satan.)

The reason temptations sabotage me is obvious. The negative self talk is not so obvious. It makes no sense. “I look awful! That’s it. Nothing’s working. I should go eat Nachos and I should wash them down with a chocolate cupcake…..or seven.” That should help…. And who runs out of “Just Add Water” screaming “Why do you hate me so much?!”, and then runs straight to Urban Cookhouse to get a Brown sugar brownie to ease the pain? I’m thinking that’s probably a wee bit counter productive. And the thing that kills me is, I know I’m doing it. I know I’m going to be so angry with my self, and I know how much worse the next set of Burpees is going to be. So what is my problem?! (I know, Robert, it’s self control!)

Have you ever noticed that whatever you are doing will snowball in whatever direction you are going? Bad decisions lead to bad decisions, good lead to good. The more I go to ITF, the more I want to be there. The more I go to Dreamcakes, the more I want to be there.

I am getting better though. I’ve improved in the “stop the bleeding” area of my bad decisions. I start saying things like “Yes, another baked treat would be delicious, but do I really want to have to pay for it later?” Or I get a more take no prisoners attitude and say to myself, “Gates, just tape that cupcake to your thighs because that’s where it’s going anyway.”- sadly, that’s pretty effective.

Of course, as always, balance is the key. (Unless you’re Robert, but that’s a whole other blog post.) If I’m making good decisions 85% of the time, then the occasional splurge isn’t going to really hurt anything. I just can’t be good 100% of the time. So for me, 85% is good. (Shut up, Robert.) By the way guys, little tip. I ask Jessica for eating tips pretty often, and she has good ones and they aren’t all “eat grilled chicken and broccoli” type suggestions. So ask your coaches if you’re anything like me. (Which, I’m thinking, in this crowd, I’m probably the minority.)

Now, as far the fluorescent lights go? We’re just going to have to sue somebody. Lee Patterson, do I have a case here? Mental anguish? I don’t want any money, I just want a teeny bit of candle light and maybe a Margarita when I’m trying on clothes. Am I reaching for the stars here? No.