One of the biggest “trip-ups” (pun intended) for newer athletes is Double Unders. It can be exhausting to practice and, if you’re not careful, leave you with “tiger stripes” every session you give it a shot. With that in mind, try this timing practice to help you get the rhythm.

  1. Put the rope down – leave it there.
  2. Put your hands on the front of your hips with fingers flat and pointing down.
  3. Start to “pogo” jump, keeping body tall (no heel tuck or leg lift).
  4. At the top of each jump, tap the hips once, making an audible noise. Find a nice rhythm where you are hearing:“feet – hips – feet – hips – feet – hips – feet – hips….”

    Once you have this rhythm, work on getting a little bit higher in each jump without altering body position. The rhythm will slow. ONLY once you have acheived this should you move on to Step 5.

  5. Keep the same jump, but this time, tap your hips quickly TWICE at the top of each jump. Rhythm should sound like this: “feet – hiphip – feet – hiphip – feet – hiphip – feet – hiphip….”

    When you lose that nice rhythm, stop and start over. If you keep messing up or can’t keep the rhythm going for more than a few seconds, revert back to Step 4.

  6. Once you have mastered this rhythm, try the same steps but now perform them with your rope!