This is the second post in Karen’s ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ blog installment. Karen will be dishing weekly on what we’re all thinking when it comes to body image.

(For good measure) Before fully divulging my innermost thoughts along this rocky road to say “yes to the dress.” I believe it is important you know; I like myself. I don’t hate my size. I do not even consider myself “fat.” Though I have major room for improvement in my body and will make continuous (truth based) jokes, please know they are for me, by me and about me: NOT YOU. Nor am I practicing (satirical) self-defamation, it really is all in jest!

I believe humor can get anyone through… most things.

I hope my humor and ability to dig deep will help you like yourself a little more, as we go on a journey (together) to conquer our control!

Because let’s get real…this is not a battle against the dress. It is a battle against ourselves to gain control over our own bodies. Lets stop the battle, make peace with our bodies, and conquer the real enemy.

We can. We will.

One day at a time.

Stay tuned for tips, tricks, and stories; some funny, others raw, all true. Feel free to share your story with me anytime!

We are in this together… #amiright!?!


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