Brian had amazing results with our 6 Week Challenge, so we asked him to share his experience!

My wife and I have known about Iron tribe for many years now, but have always felt like it was one of those extreme gyms that was only for the “super fit” people. Our daughter was about to turn 1 and my wife and I decided that we wanted to make a lifestyle change. We were not happy with how we looked or felt and we didn’t want our daughter to be raised on junk food and take-out food. We wanted to be able to play with our daughter and not be limited by weight and stamina. We didn’t want to just lose weight; we wanted to learn to eat healthier and be more active.

We decided to join the 6 Week Challenge on more of a trial basis, and then decide if Iron Tribe was a good fit after. Starting the challenge was a drastic change for us, both for the nutrition and the exercise. The first couple weeks were rough getting used to actually working out and the meal prepping, but we got into a rhythm and got better at it.

The toughest part during the challenge was sticking to the meal plans. The recipe book really helps to find alternatives foods and add variety to the week. The workouts themselves can be pretty tough, but the coaches are great at modifying moves to fit your abilities. They really care about your progress and will help in any way they can. There is a personalized touch with these coaches, and they want to see you succeed. 

They really care about your progress and will help in any way they can.

I’ve been at Iron Tribe for about 8 weeks now and have currently lost more than 43 pounds. Some weeks have seen more success than others, but the long-term results have been great, and we are well on our way to a healthier and more balanced food lifestyle.

I would recommend to anyone considering a gym to join Iron Tribe. The camaraderie between the members and personal touch from all the coaches helps to give that extra motivation and community feel.