Seona works out at Iron Tribe Fitness Northeast and has seen tremendous results! So far, she’s lost 11 pounds and dropped her bod fat percentage by 5%. Here are a few words from Seona herself describing her ITF experience:

How did you hear about Iron Tribe?

I saw a Facebook ad for a free week and thought why not give it a try. It looked fun!

Why did you decide to join?

Even after my first class, I was hooked. I loved the whole concept  — short, intensive, ever-changing workouts. I get bored with regular gyms and there are also a lot of pieces of equipment in these gyms that I feel intimidated to use, so I would stick to cardio only. At Iron Tribe, I am challenged to work out in different ways that benefit all areas of my body, doing exercises that I would have typically avoided. I also love the people who are in the classes and the coaches. Everyone pulls together to work as a team and give you amazing encouragement to be the best you can be.

What’s been your biggest success at the Tribe so far? What progress have you seen since you’ve joined?

I have seen my core fitness improve significantly. Before I joined Tribe, I would get up from the sofa in the evening and struggle to walk as I stiffened up from my day. I jump up from the sofa now! I have also seen my body shape change, I am much more lean and muscular.

How have the coaches and other members helped you along your journey?

I think I kind of answered that above! I think a lot of gyms can be intimidating and there are a lot of ‘perfect’ people. A friend who had been looking at the fb videos I was tagged in commented that the people at Tribe are ‘normal’. You feel that the coaches are genuinely rooting for you and want you to to be your best. The coaches are also fun and not at all intimidating. I feel so at home at Tribe in a way that I don’t always feel living here because I am always conscious of being different coming from the UK. I feel that I can be me.

Why would you recommend Iron Tribe to others?

Iron Tribe is a unique concept that gives you an amazing workout in a fun environment, yet challenges you every step of the way. Anyone can join in as there is a variation of the exercise to suit you. I also like that you can progress through these variations as you improve. I never thought I could do push-ups or pull-ups but I am getting there through a modification.

Anything else you’d like to add?

There are people of all shapes and sizes at Iron Tribe who are all motivated to improve their health and fitness. I think that the concept of Iron Tribe fosters this environment and it does not stop once class is done and people leave the gym.  I have Type 1 diabetes, and living with a condition like this can be very challenging and get you down. I have been motivated to make significant improvements to my blood sugar and it becomes a snowball effect. I am feeling healthier in all areas of my life.