Tyler works out at Iron Tribe Northeast in Kentrucky

How did you hear about Iron Tribe?

I always knew you were there. In fact, I remember when the scuba shop got torn down and your building popped up not long after. I was like, what is the Tribe? Probably one of those intense gyms. Not interested. I mean, you were right down the street from where I work. How could I miss you? Plus, different folks from the church have been involved to different degrees.

It was eventually Randy Gordon, Josh Rouse, and Dave McKinley that sparked my interest. Then one day, Erin sent me a message on Facebook challenging me to come try it out.

Why did you decide to join?

I knew things needed to change for me personally. I was at a point of conviction where I knew I needed to make changes and begin building the sort of healthy habits in my 30s that would sustain me for the rest of my life. I want to be active and involved in the lives of my kids AND grandkids someday. That journey starts now.

I already had friends there who I trusted and I saw the results they were getting. Randy Gordon looked like a new man after spending a year at the Tribe. His body and renewed energy was a testimony to you in and of itself.

Erin reached out personally. I really appreciate this. And I admired how she carried herself as a leader. She had been a member of our church and we were friends on Facebook. She was constantly posting thoughtful insights about physical, psychological and spiritual health. I liked her approach.

The Trial won me over. I loved getting an opportunity to ‘try-it-before-you-buy-it.’ And the one-on-one conversation with Erin about my goals was encouraging and challenging. I could tell that results would happen if I had the commitment and self-discipline necessary.

During the Trial week, the Tribe culture was self-evident, and I loved it.  The functional fitness workouts were intense and efficient. There was an attention to detail in the coaching that made sure people weren’t just working hard but also moving right to prevent injuries. It was a high challenge environment, and I’m drawn to a good challenge. I could tell this was the kind of workout that would never ‘get easy.’

Growth happens outside your comfort zone, and the Tribe workouts and coaches encourage you to live there. The community was positive and real. People seemed to get genuinely excited about others, at all different levels of fitness, making gains toward their goals. The coaches learned my name and story within the first week. The gym was run with excellence. The room is always clean. The classes always finish on time. The coaches are knowledgeable and well trained.

Being a college athlete, I have some experience and knowledge when it comes to fitness and nutrition. However, I had hit a wall and needed a more personalized approach with a coach who could take me beyond where I could take myself. Erin has gone the extra mile to make sure I’ve gotten that outside the gym. And all 4 coaches know my goals, my strengths and weaknesses, and how to coach me. They build me up.

What’s been your biggest success at the Tribe so far? What progress have you seen since you’ve joined?

I came in knowing that a good nutrition plan was 80% of the battle, but I had very limited knowledge on how to actually do it. I asked for help on this my first week and got exactly what I was looking for. Almost immediately after implementing my new nutrition plan I felt a renewed sense of energy, focus, and positivity.

At work, I was sharper. At home during the evenings, I was more present with my wife and son. At night, I was able to sleep more and better. Emotionally, I felt a sense of accomplishment with the self-discipline and success I was finding at the gym. And financially, we actually saved money buying more of our food at the grocery rather than going out to eat.

I came in at 194 pounds and 20% body fat. My goal was to get to 180 pounds and 10% body fat after the end of my 6-month contract. In 3.5 months, I hit 175 pounds and 7% body fat. I’m totally blown away by these results!

I’ve made several friends since starting. I’m an introvert so forming deep relationships doesn’t come easy to me. The Tribe has plugged me into some great people in the neighborhood. There’s something about sweating and chasing goals together that brings you together.

Why would you recommend Iron Tribe to others?

Because, if you truly are serious about making the important changes required for healthier living, the Tribe will get you the right results in the right way. It’s personal, relational, uplifting, challenging, and comprehensive. Best gym I’ve ever been a part of.