Laura and Tommy Davis are members of Iron Tribe Fitness Mountain Brook. A few years ago, Laura Davis had a seemingly normal life. That all changed when her marriage of over two decades ended and then doctors found a tumor after she had been suffering from what she thought were stress related headaches. But Laura’s story doesn’t end there. Through Tommy, Laura started going to Iron Tribe Fitness in Mountain Brook, AL, and it has transformed her from someone who was scared and waiting on the other shoe to drop to a strong and confident person.

Read Laura’s extraordinary (almost) fairytale.

A Tale from the Tiny Kingdom

Once upon a time…. there lived a gentlewoman, whose tale began 7 years ago. The gentlewoman, Lady Laura, was reaching the pinnacle of raising her family…when her gentleman suddenly turns in to a Toad and announces he has fallen in love with a young maiden! The gentlewoman, Lady Laura, is heart-broken, and her gentleman leaves the castle.

Still, she is a strong woman and puts one front in front of the other. She continues to go to work and makes a plan for a new life. However….very soon the Lady Laura can’t eat or sleep and starts to have severe, debilitating headaches. She goes to the Doctor and an MRI is scheduled. The Doctor thinks these headaches are being caused by stress.

The gentlewoman is lying in the MRI machine and is able to see into the control room and soon notices several people in white lab coats coming into the room and looking and pointing at the technician’s screen. The Doctor enters the room and announces “You have a brain tumor!”

Within 24 hours Lady Laura is scheduled for brain surgery to remove the large, plum size, 5 centimeter brain tumor.

The gentlewoman has to have her head shaved and has a 7 inch incision from the middle of her forehead to her right temple. There is much pain, darkness, and fear during these days. The gentlewoman loses muscle and strength. Lady Laura, an occupational therapist, is very humbled when she must have physical therapy herself.

Dark Dragons have come for Lady Laura! She must battle the Dragons of depression, loss of a job and long term friendships, low self-esteem, poor body image, decreased physical strength, poor balance and stamina.

The Lady Laura is introduced to a kindly Knight, Sir Thomas, from Iron Tribe’s The Tiny Kingdom. The Knight, Sir Thomas, is always talking about Iron Tribe Fitness in Mountain Brook, and is excited to be a part of this tiny kingdom.

The gentlewoman joins Iron Tribe Fitness and loves it also.

The gentlewoman, Lady Laura, grows stronger and more self-confident as she conquers 35 lb kettlebell swings, 20” box jumps, and she even learns to do double-unders! Lady Laura is in her mid-fifties and sees that she is able to perform like younger maidens! The Lady Laura realizes she doesn’t have to be afraid of anything, including the Dark Dragons; she is now strong and confident!

The gentlewoman enters The Tiny Kingdom’s Iron Tribe Transformation Challenge and wins! Lady Laura has a body weight loss of 18 percent! She goes down 2 dress sizes and feels and looks the best she has in 20 years. The Iron Tribe Knight, Sir Thomas, has also improved his fitness and no longer has to take medication for high blood pressure.

Lady Laura wasn’t looking for a Knight in shining armor to rescue her. Instead, with Sir Thomas, she found someone to stand with her and beside her and together they can slay any Dragons that may come. Lady Laura and Sir Thomas fell in love. They got married and are living their happily ever after.

Iron Tribe’s The Tiny Kingdom is still where they go to stay strong, fit and confident for all of life’s journeys and adventures, including slaying any Dragons.

So the moral is,

It’s Never Too Late to Live Happily Ever After.

The End