We’ve all been there. We put in the sweat. We’re going to the gym five days a week. Our legs are so sore that we can barely walk up a flight of stairs. Yet, the number on the scale isn’t budging. Heck, you think you might have even gained a pound or two. But you’re busting your booty at the gym. What’s the problem? Shouldn’t the pounds be melting off? If this situation sounds like your predicament, then we can almost guarantee you’re not addressing one key thing in your weightloss journey. Nutrition. Ah, yes. We said it. Nutrition. It’s the less sexy (and usually more difficult) side of shedding the pounds. Without proper nutrition to match your awesome exercise regimen, you’ll likely see slow — or maybe even no — progress. It’s a boat none of us want to be in, but all too often we find ourselves navigating these hellish waters. Thankfully, there is hope. Thanks to Iron Tribe’s nutrition consultation program, our coaches are armed and ready to walk you through diet modifications that will ultimately help you bolster results and see positive change in your overall health and fitness.

Here are a few steps you can take today to begin addressing your results lag:

  • Set up a meeting with your coach. Discuss your goals. How would you like to see your body change? What are you currently eating? These are just some of the questions that will likely come up in your conversation.
  • Track, track and track more. Tracking what you eat and when you eat will be key to establishing healthy habits and knowing where your biggest temptations lie. Get a journal, make an online document — whatever works best for you — begin tracking what you put in your tummy NOW!
  • Trust the process. This can be tougher said than done. Once you begin your new nutrition plan, the numbers still might not move. Trust that you’re making positive strides, and everyone’s body is different. The number might not go down, but body fat may decrease. These are all things to keep your coach in the loop on. Keep at it, and know that just by raising your hand and asking for help, you already taking the first step in the right directions!