Traveling and eating clean can be tricky, especially in airports or while on the road. However, it’s not impossible and with a little clever planning, you can stay on track with those goals.

The key is making sure you pack foods to take with you. Whether that means bringing foods in ziploc bags or air-tight containers, don’t leave home without food!

  • Take easy proteins such as: deli meat (nitrate free), canned salmon or tuna, jerky kits, hard boiled eggs (don’t eat on a plane), or leftover cooked proteins (burgers, chicken breasts, etc).
  • Include some quick and easy fats in your carry on bags, such as: nut butter packets, mixed nuts, trail mix, guacamole (in one of those air-tight containers) or 80%+ dark chocolate (low sugar, high quality).
  • Finally, prepare some easily accessible carb sources for your travels! Vegetables like carrots, celery or peppers are best pre-cut and toted along in ziploc baggies and they don’t have to be kept cold! Other ideas include: romaine hearts for burger “buns”, pre-washed fruits (unless traveling internationally), or a simple tossed salad (air-tight container).

All of these tips will save you from starvation or that McDonalds detour! Also, don’t forget to bring healthy beverage options, such as: bottled water, unsweet teas with lemon or limes added, or a thermos of your favorite organic coffee!

Good luck and safe travels!