You feel like you’ve tried everything. You’ve lost sleep. You’ve checked off a million to-do lists. But you’re still so far away from reaching that big, beautiful goal you have set in your heart and mind. If this scenario describes your situation, then keep reading. Because we’re about to help you identify exactly why you’re not reaching your goal. 

Everyone has one, or several, things they’re not willing to give up in order to reach their goal. Usually, these pesky things are much smaller than you think. When you write down a goal, you need to ask yourself ‘what would it really take to achieve this?’ The answers are usually more time at the gym, earlier mornings or if your goal is not fitness related, it could be more time hustling at the office or more intentional time with your spouse. 

Once you’ve asked yourself what it would take to achieve your goal, then you need to ask yourself what you need to give up to reach your goal. Because time is such a precious commodity, you’ll likely have to give up activities (or people!) that take time away from you reaching your goal.

Here are come common examples of things that you may need to consider giving up in order to teach your goal: 

  • Watching TV (hello, Netflix binge sessions…we’re looking at you!) 
  • Happy-hour drinks (those beers add up faster than you think) 
  • Time spent with people who don’t challenge you to be better 
  • Social Media (perhaps the biggest culprit of them all!) 

Do you identify with any of the above? If you were to write down a goal, then eliminate all of the four common ‘time-sucks,’ we think you would be surprised at how your day-to-day life changes. By identifying what is holding us back and eliminating those things, we free up space in our hearts and minds to truly chase after what it we want. Don’t give your goals 50 percent of your dedication. Give them 110 percent. That way, if you fail, you know there was nothing else you could have done. 

Challenge yourself to write down your goals this week. Form a plan to achieve them, and then go all out.