Journey along with Kyle as he deals with cravings, meal prep, where to find healthy options in a hectic airport and more! If you missed the first and second installments of his blog series, no worries. You can check them out here:

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Up at 4:45 am — not hungry so I just have some coffee and head to work. After a couple of hours at the gym, I head to a popular breakfast place called First Watch. They have an impressive menu, lots of great options. I order 4 eggs, side of bacon, and some potatoes. ImageI tell them to hold the toast and jam. It’s really good and hits the spot. But the bill comes and it’s $17.00! Yikes! It was probably only 5 dollars worth of food. Some people may be wondering why potatoes with my breakfast. A lot of people say to leave the carbs out in the morning these days. But I really only consider the macronutrients based on when I’ll be working out and not so much the time of day. I am scheduled for a tough back squat workout at 9:30 am, which means I’ll eat some carbohydrates before and after. I think a good general rule of thumb is to get the majority of your fats at times of the day where you’re inactive and your carbohydrates around your workouts. Protein all the time. This type of planning works well for me. Image

I think a good general rule of thumb is to get the majority of your fats at times of the day where you’re inactive and your carbohydrates around your workouts.

Another tough workout at 9:30 pm (tomorrow is definitely going to be an off day) but I get caught up talking and forget to mix a shake. Uh-oh. I have to hustle over to the gym for a presentation and I have some last minute prep to take care of. I swing by the hotel first and grab a one of my homemade salads with egg, avocado, sweet potato. ImageBefore I know it, it’s about 4:30pm and I start to panic – we’ve been busy shooting videos and I haven’t given myself enough buffer to get something decent to eat before I have to watch a couple of hours of class. I have to make a snap decision. I only have about 15 min to get out, get something, and get back to the gym. I rush over to Zoe’s and pick up some prepackaged chicken salad and potato salad. The potato salad isn’t bad because it’s not a mayonnaise base, but the chicken salad is a little heavier. I eat just a small (4 oz) container of each. This will be enough to hold me over until dinner. For Dinner, Iron Tribe President Jim Cavale makes a reservation at Sambuca, a nice restaurant in the trendy Gulch district of Nashville. ImageThe place is packed and the live band is phenomenal. They’re playing old standards and blues. One of the band members is blind, but he plays piano, guitar, saxophone, and sings. I order the Miso Sea Bass that is perfectly cooked and comes with a simply prepared rice and bok choy with sautéed apples. I have a side of brussel sprouts with roasted tomato butter. It’s a phenomenal meal and not too heavy. The portion size is just right. The vibe of this place called for a Martini. Tito’s, slightly dirty with blue cheese olives. After watching some more live music (which is everywhere and amazing), we head back. Pre-bedtime snack: yogurt, raspberries, and blueberries — feels like dessert.


Woke up late (5:15 am) and didn’t have time to eat before a couple of hours of work. I have a protein bar and a coffee, but I need to head to another gym and do a couple more hours of coach training. I’m unprepared and I essentially skip breakfast. At this point, I realize I’ve made a critical mistake. I’ve let myself go too long without eating, and now I’m having bad cravings. I want something fast and unhealthy. There is a mexican fast food restaurant nearby, and I can at least make a decent choice there — a burrito bowl with some rice, extra chicken, vegetables, and guacamole. For dinner, I have another craving — sushi. Sushi is kind of like the BBQ restaurants mentioned before. You can go nuts and overeat, or you can be strategic. ImageAt Pete’s Sushi and Thai, I order a seaweed salad and a couple of rolls, one with tuna and one with shrimp. If you deconstructed the ingredients, I wouldn’t be that far off a normal meal as far as macronutrients go. I go light on the soy sauce.

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