Journey along with Kyle as he deals with cravings, meal prep, where to find healthy options in a hectic airport and more! If you missed the first and second installments of his blog series, no worries. You can check them out here:

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ImageI’m up bright and early at 4:30am and getting ready — I have no appetite at this hour. After a couple of hours of work, I slide over to a small breakfast place around the corner from the gym called LePeep – I have a 4-egg omelet with bacon, avocado, potatoes, fruit. This hits the spot and gives me great energy without sitting heavy in my stomach for my workout at noon. Which is good, because the 150 Calorie Row, Double-Unders, and Mile Run wouldn’t have been too much fun otherwise. I get my post workout shake and then start to think about lunch an hour later. ImageLunch is at a place called Fido — it’s a fancy coffee shop but has a great menu too. I have a grilled chicken breast over a sweet potato pancake, drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette and a touch of feta. It’s delicious and just the right size. In the afternoon, I have to head to the airport. After just making my 6 pm flight, I leave Nashville after 5 solid days. When I arrive in Baltimore, I sit at the Silver Diner eating a “Power Salad” that consists of grilled chipotle shrimp, spinach, cranberries, cremini mushrooms, and a champagne vinaigrette (I add chicken to the mix too).


As I reflect back on this week, I admit I had a couple of hunger “emergencies” on Wednesday and Thursday, but overall it was a very good week. I had meals that would be considered fast food, on-the-go meals, and gourmet meals. I hit a wide variety of food types. I would rate it a B+…not perfect but could have been much worse without some planning and accountability. Best of all, I feel the same as I did before I left. This is a win by itself.

Consistency is key, planning is paramount, and accountability is important.

I have a relaxing day at the beach with my wife on Saturday, but Sunday is spent grocery shopping and preparing meals for the next week. After all – this week was all about trying to stay in a normal routine. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past dozen years, it’s that obstacles will always be in the way of eating the right way. Consistency is key, planning is paramount, and accountability is important. With knowledge and intentional effort, traveling doesn’t need to throw you into a tailspin.