As a nutrition and health scientist (nerd) I read almost every new clinical research study published about food, supplements, exercise and healthy lifestyle programs. A common conclusion from every study is that ‘there aren’t any simple drop-in diets or exercise solutions for everyone to follow that will always work’.

A lifestyle change takes time.

So, when you start a new exercise and nutrition program and your body doesn’t seem to change right away, don’t worry about it. A lifestyle change takes time. Stressing out about not seeing results fast may actually lead you to a less fit lifestyle and cause doubt, disappointment and depression. If you’ve been here before it’s not your fault, and it’s time to make a change that will work for you.

Here are 3 tips to help YOU get started:

  1. Ed’you’cate yourself about taking a few simple steps toward a healthy lifestyle plan. Coaches and friends who have made lifestyle changes are valuable ‘libraries’ of information we should all ‘check out’. This is where the team approach and accountability will help.
  2. Make a few simple but smart N’you’trition choices toward a New You. Don’t try to make a dramatic change to your diet. Talk to someone about your eating habits and write down a few ‘bad habits’ you know you should change. Be mindful of things like ‘serving size’ and ‘quality’ of the foods you are eating.
  3. Make a list of goals that are ‘you’nique to you. Drop 2 dress sizes or 2 inches in my waist in 3 months. Be physically active 45 mins a day for 3 days this week.


Again, making a lifestyle change that is long lasting has to be what YOU want and the best way to be successful is to start simple, stay focused and be positive. There will be some steep hills to climb, but along the way there will also be lots of mountaintops you will reach!