How digital and social media have impacted businesses during COVID-19

Sarah Cook
May 14, 2020

(This article originally appeared on CBS 42 News)

Businesses have been using Zoom to keep in touch with their employees, personal trainers have moved to virtual training sessions to keep their clients in shape and families have been using videoconferencing tools such as FaceTime and Facebook Portal to stay connected in a time where social distancing is a must.

How has this transition been for people? Founder and CEO of Iron Tribe Fitness Forrest Walden says that his transition to an all-digital gym happened fairly quickly.

“We closed down on March 17,” Walden said. “Which was a few days before we were mandated to shut down. And by March 18, we had already transitioned the whole business model online. We started with Facebook Lives, real quickly moved to Zoom so there could be interaction and we started hosting live workouts several times a day on Zoom.”

…by March 18, we had already transitioned the whole business model online.

The transition didn’t catch Walden or his trainers entirely off guard. Iron Tribe Fitness was already working on a plan to use these tools before the coronavirus. However, Walden says that the shutdown has forced their plan forward by at least a year.

As for what the future holds for Iron Tribe Fitness, Walden has high hopes that the roles these digital tools play will continue to grow.

“I think [these tools] will play a supplemental role but I also think it’s going to be ever-increasingly part of our delivery. We have clients who are in the medical field and say ‘look, for the safety of other people I’m not coming back,’ and we have some people who say ‘because I’m autoimmune I’m not coming back for a while.’ Then we’re also limiting our class size, so where it was 20 now it’s 10. For all these reasons, we want to continue to offer supplemental.”

Iron Tribe Fitness is working on letting people back through their doors while abiding by social distancing guidelines.

Sarah Cook

Sarah oversees social media and internal communication for Iron Tribe Fitness. Her goal is to share the mission of Iron Tribe so others can be transformed by the program, and ultimately become the healthiest version of themselves.