How to Avoid Over-Snacking While Working From Home

ITF Staff
April 14, 2020

Chances are, in the past few weeks, you’ve spent a lot of time at home. Working from home has become the norm for countless people. Our dining room tables have turned into makeshift desks and — if you live with multiple people — your coworkers are likely now your spouse or your children.

Navigating this “new normal” can be difficult. Specifically, maintaining a balanced diet can be hard while working from home. The temptation to snack all day is strong. Instead of opening the refrigerator in between emails and mindlessly munching, try incorporating the below habits into your daily routine. This will help you stay on track and keep quarantine weight gain at bay! 

Tips for Avoiding Snacking All Day While Working From Home: 

1. Have a set window of time for eating.

This is going to help you not eat throughout the day. Establish regular time slots for snacking and eating. Try your best to mimic your usual schedule. If you need extra assistance and accountability, we love mobile apps like MyFitnessPal and Nudge. By tracking how much you eat throughout the day, you can have a better “pulse” on the total amount of calories you’ve consumed (scroll down to see a helpful chart of how many calories you should be consuming each day to maintain a healthy weight). 

2. If possible, avoid going into the kitchen while you’re working.

Practice the old adage of “out or sight, out of mind.” Set up your at-home office in a place that is comfortable, has natural light and is NOT your kitchen. The likelihood of grabbing a snack in between emails is much higher if your pantry is in plain view. Establish a work-from-home area, and ONLY do work in that spot of your home. It’s important to not mix areas associated with leisure with areas associated with work. 

3. Have a large water bottle nearby at all times.

Sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger. It’s important to steadily drink water throughout the day. This keeps us hydrated, healthy and out of the kitchen. Start the day off with a large water bottle and slowly work to the bottom. A good rule of thumb is to take your bodyweight, divide it by two, and whatever that number is, drink that amount in ounces. This will help keep mindless eating at bay. 

Bonus tip: 

If  you’re wondering how many calories you should consume throughout the day, find your weight below:*

100-125 lbs: 1200-1500 kcal/day

125-150 lbs: 1500-1800 kcal/day

150-220 lbs: 1800-2400 kcal/day

220-220 lbs: 2400-2640 kcal/day

220-240 lbs: 2640-2880 kcal/day

240-260 lbs: 2880-3120 kcal/day

260-280 lbs: 3120-3360 kcal/day

280-300 lbs: 3360-3600 kcal/day

300 lbs +: 3600 kcal/day+

*these calorie ranges were recommended by Precision Nutrition for a moderately active person in a maintenance phase or a sedentary person in a weight loss phase.

ITF Staff

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