Iron Tribe Fitness to Open in Downtown Charleston

Sarah Cook
April 2, 2018

April 2, 2018
Contact: Sarah Cook, community manager

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CHARLESTON, SC — Corky Alexander, owner and operator of Iron Tribe Fitness – Mount Pleasant, recently announced plans to open his second store in the Charleston community. The decision comes four years after Alexander opened his first Iron Tribe Fitness gym.

ITF Downtown Charleston owner Jaime Bean (left) and Corky Alexander (right)

The Iron Tribe Fitness brand, Alexander said, is built on one thing — community. It’s why he believes his first location saw such great success and why the second gym, which will be named “Downtown Charleston,” will be successful, too.

“Our Tribe has been built by our members,” Alexander said. “They have brought in like-minded people who want to be the healthiest version of themself while being a part of a supportive community.”

Alexander’s second store will be located at 601 Meeting Street, Suite 190 in downtown Charleston. While a firm opening date has not been set yet, Alexander said he’s looking forward to growing his membership base well before doors open.

Like all other Iron Tribe Fitness gyms, the Downtown Charleston location will cap its membership at 300. Once that number is reached, those wishing to join will be put on a waiting list.

With the increase of people in the downtown area, there is a need for accessible fitness facilities”

Because of the small-class structure and high attention to proper movement and nutrition, the Iron Tribe Fitness model takes a more dialed-in approach to health and fitness. All classes include two highly-trained coaches who walk members through proper movement patterns. And, because classes only last 45 minutes and adhere to a strict schedule, Alexander said those looking to get in a a good workout while juggling busy schedules will find ITF to be the perfect solution.

“With the increase of people in the downtown area, there is a need for accessible fitness facilities,” he said. “Iron Tribe will be one of the first high-end gyms in the area. We will be able to provide classes throughout the day so people who live or work in the area can grab a workout before work, during lunch or after work before hitting traffic.”

Iron Tribe Fitness CEO and Founder Forrest Walden (left) and Corky Alexander (right)

Forrest Walden, founder and CEO of Iron Tribe Fitness, said he has no doubt that Alexander will steer his second store toward success, just like the first Mount Pleasant location.

“Corky has a proven track record for success, and I can’t wait to see him welcome more people to the Iron Tribe community within Charleston,” Walden said. “We’re very excited about this great opportunity.”

Alexander is no stranger to the Iron Tribe Fitness program. He started off as a client himself, and after seeing tremendous results, he knew ITF was unlike any other gym.

Corky has a proven track record for success, and I can’t wait to see him welcome more people to the Iron Tribe community within Charleston.”

“When life threw me a curve with my multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2010, it was only natural I reached out to Forrest,” said Alexander, noting that he and Walden have been friends since high school. “I was spiraling emotionally and had little self worth. After meeting with Forrest, he suggested I try Iron Tribe to see if it could help with my symptoms and my overall outlook on life. I will never forget that experience. It changed my life. Thanks to so many people and the support of Forrest, I have been able to provide that same life-change to people here in Mount Pleasant and soon Downtown Charleston.”

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Sarah Cook

Sarah oversees social media and internal communication for Iron Tribe Fitness. Her goal is to share the mission of Iron Tribe so others can be transformed by the program, and ultimately become the healthiest version of themselves.