Iron Tribe Testimony: Becky Mackey

Sarah Cook
October 11, 2017

Through hard work and consistency, Becky has seen awesome results at the Tribe! Read more about her story below:

How did you hear about Iron Tribe?

I heard about Iron Tribe through some  friends who were members, and also did some research on my own prior to signing up.

Why did you decide to join?

I made the decision to join Iron Tribe because I felt like what I was doing in terms of my exercise routine was not hitting the target areas that I specifically needed to work on, and I wanted an exercise program that offered a lot of variety. I have never been a member of any type of gym or organized exercise program, so this was a huge leap of faith for me and pushed me out of my comfort zone — but I am so glad I joined!

What’s been your biggest success at the Tribe so far?

My biggest success so far is losing almost 12 pounds and strengthening my core. When I first started, I thought I was somewhat strong because I’ve been running for almost 6 years, but I could not even do a sit-up when I started!

How have the coaches and other members helped you along your journey?

The coaches at Iron Tribe are outstanding!  I can’t say enough about them! They have been extremely patient with me and so encouraging throughout my entire time at Iron Tribe.

Why would you recommend Iron Tribe to others?

I would recommend Iron Tribe to others because it works! The coaches are encouraging an always available to answer any questions you have. The workouts offer such a variety, and I am never bored with them. I’ve also found that the other members are so encouraging to one another. I look forward to continuing on my journey to be the best me that I can be!

Anything else you’d like to add?

If you are skeptical about joining a gym, or any type of group workouts, push that all aside, take a leap of faith, and join Iron Tribe! I am so thankful to be on this journey with such a fantastic group of coaches!

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Sarah Cook

Sarah oversees social media and internal communication for Iron Tribe Fitness. Her goal is to share the mission of Iron Tribe so others can be transformed by the program, and ultimately become the healthiest version of themselves.