Be the first to lose 20 pounds in 2020 and get a FREE month!

#ITF20in20 - Be the first to lose 20 pounds in 2020!

?Here are the rules ?

?Weigh-in as early as January 3rd to begin your journey!

?Weigh-in & out with an Iron Tribe Coach in an Iron Tribe facility

*Must be an Iron Tribe member or current challenger to qualify
*Must be willing to allow ITF to share your story!
*There will be ONE winner per location 
We’ll be sharing stories from across the country of other Tribe members
who are participating in this challenge!

Our first winner in Birmingham goes to Chris Kelly from Highway 280!

Chris Kelly loses 20

Chris is no stranger to Iron Tribe. When he first joined, he was 290 pounds. As a new member, he trimmed off 40 pounds — but,  as with many of us ITF veterans, life got busy and he slowly added back the weight. With the demands of owning and operating a business, plus being a parent to four children, Chris found himself back at square one.

After several coach assessments, his coaches knew they needed to lay out a solid plan for Chris —  the #ITF20in20 weight loss challenge served as the perfect reason to really go ‘all in.’ His coach, Peggy Evans, knew it could be done.

“The best thing about Chris is once he sets his mind on reaching a goal, it’s go time,” Peggy says. “He dials it all in!”

With help from his coaches and fellow Tribers, Chris ended up losing the 20 pounds in about 3 weeks — a true accomplishment! Chris told us when he got on the scale and saw the new number, his children and grandson flashed before his eyes. He knew his fitness needed to be a priority not just for one month, but every day.

We know this is just the beginning for Chris and 2020 will bring many more accomplishments!

Don Sherman from East Memphis!

Don started Iron Tribe at the age of 65 years old. Had never really done any type of fitness program before. He saw immediate success losing over 40 pounds and 6% body fat! However, after about 6-7 months in the program, he tore his bicep tendon fishing and was out for several months. During that time he gained a lot of the weight he had previously lost. He started back up in August of 2019 and has now lost 70 pounds!

Trey Grainger from Greenville!

Trey has worked really hard consistently since being a member. He is extremely regimented and can follow a plan to a T! Trey has put on over 5 pounds of muscle, lost over 10% body fat, and down 20 pounds since starting at Iron Tribe!