Our Next Programming Phase…Read Up!

Kyle Sottung
March 7, 2019

Tone up for Summer!

Excited for warmer weather? Sun filled days? Outdoor activities? Summer vacation?

Or, are you currently dreading all that comes with those: Shorts? T-shirts? Tank Tops? (Much less bathing suits…) That 5k you promised your sister you would do? You know… all the things that you felt uncomfortable with last year…

WELL NOT THIS YEAR! This year SUMMER IS YOURS FOR THE TAKING and we are here to help!

Most of you just kicked off the year with fantastic finishes to the Transformation Challenge and are already closer to saying GOODBYE to that winter fluff, and HELLO to your summer body! Tank tops, shorts, and fun spring activities, 5ks, obstacle races — HERE WE COME!


If you are not quite there yet,cor totally fell off the Transformation Challenge wagon… there is STILL TIME and our next Phase of PUSH programming is locked and loaded to get your body ready for whatever summer has in store!

Over the next 8 weeks, the PUSH program will be focused on increasing various areas of fitness in order to prepare you for feeling more comfortable in your skin and full of energy to get outside and enjoy whatever activity your heart desires.

The primary focuses will be:

  • muscular strength
  • muscular endurance
  • flexibility
  • body composition
  • power
  • …and speed!

You will see a few movements more frequently than others during these 8 weeks in order to accomplish what your body needs.

Things to expect:

  • higher volume of squats variations
  • short interval work
  • calorie sprints on the bike/rower
  • unilateral work to help with body symmetry
  • hypertrophy of pecs, biceps, triceps, and quads

Okay… great… but HOW do those help me beat my sister in that 5k?

Higher volume of squatting patterns = better development in muscular endurance, better squat form, increases in strength, muscle increases for your glutes, hamstrings, and quads!

Variations to expect:

  • Loaded Squats (bilateral & unilateral)
  • Bodyweight squats (Explosive & Form intensive)

Each of these variations will increase your foundational strength and allow you to add numerous reps without form failing…(yay!) Not to mention: more muscle = more fat being burned, all while looking more toned each and every day!

Side Effects: Feeling like a badass, while looking like one too!

Now onto the bike… While the bike is the arch-nemesis for most… we all secretly want to be better at it… or at least to where we do not consider faking an injury just to stop the madness of the “bike burn.”

You know what I am talking about… that burn so deep in your thighs, you are unsure you can trust yourself to walk to the next station… you are not certain you can go on… the burn moves from your legs, to deep in your lungs… then bam! Out of nowhere your arms a like jello too… this machine is from the dark place!!! You long, beg, plead for your coach to call time… then as your eyes rise to the clock… it’s only been 15 seconds…??? Cursing ensues…. I can stop here… you know exactly what I am talking about…


It does not change the fact that – You will see more of the bike (and rowing) over the next 8 weeks. I challenge you to love the bike burn… or at least – “not hate it…” Or honestly… at least stop cursing your coaches out… HR is overloaded with distraught coaches on bike days… help HR out… try to like the bike.

Science behind adding these in for achieving your summer goals?

Short sprints and numerous attempts =  help develop a longer lactate threshold


    Err…  What the HECK does that mean…?

This allows the body to clear H ions faster before the threshold is reached…

     Um… okay… and… seriously am I supposed to know what that means?

Basically: This allows you to work at a higher intensity for longer without burning out, and ultimately better capacity and fitness!

Now on to working on those pecs, arms, and quads, via HYPERTROPHY.

Hypertrophy is the enlargement of muscle tissue from increasing size of its cells. HECK YES, FELLAS!!!

Ladies… Hypertrophy will help create definition in our muscles and be a catalyst for fat loss. This will only help you look more toned… this is fixed in your genetics… being bulky will not be the outcome!

One last point of emphasis for this phase is goal making.

Goal making is the best way to have intentional workouts and not feel like trying to be healthy is a burden.

Fitness is fun, exciting, and motivating.

Make sure you get with one of your coaches – and make it CLEAR what you want to accomplish!

But wait… Is PUSH the only way I can get my summer body?


Take your Pick, or even a mix – PUSH and POWER are prepared to get you ready for a FUN FILLED FANTASTIC summer!

Over the next 8 weeks you will notice the Barbell in your hands much more frequently…. and on days you don’t – each movement programmed will be focused on getting your barbell movements stronger, faster, and with flawless form!

Not to mention you will see a bit more high skill gymnastic movements along with some OG workouts making their 2019 debut!

If heavier, higher skill, and OG workouts sounds terrible to you… keep in mind – our goal is to give repeated exposure to progressions of each and every movement so that:

1) You do not feel like each day is the same as before.

2) You can learn and grow in your form each and every day.

3) You can get closer and closer to your goal by constantly working your body in new ways and with new progressions!

What’s coming your way…?

  • Snatches
  • Clean and Jerks
  • Deadlifts
  • Heavy Horizontal Pressing
  • Higher Gymnastic Skill Progressions of Pull-ups & Muscle ups
  • + Accessory Work

In the first two weeks of the phase, we’ll be setting some benchmarks by finding maxes in a few lifts. You’ll want to at least have a good idea of your numbers so when you see recommendations on percentages, you’ll know what weights to use!

Not to mention we will get a bit grittier on Fridays – you will NOT want to miss even ONE of them!

Fridays will have challenging combinations – each designed to expose weaknesses in order for you to face them head-on and work hard at improving whatever yours are!

If that is not enough… another point of emphasis will be a higher volume of unilateral lower body exercise.

Unilateral movements help promote symmetry in your movement patterns. These are a safe way to strengthen your BIG patterns (like squats and deadlifting).

So when you start seeing lunges… step-ups… RDLs… Etc. know that those are there not to punish you – but to STRENGTHEN you for getting back on the barbell and improving your big lifts.

Man… this sounds like all lifting and no cardio-hardio… WRONG!

While these will be these various movement focuses the workouts will still be varied and full of a variety of movements! You will sweat, you will burn, you will SHRED those winter pounds and get SHREDDED for summer!

Again…. ladies – see the notes in PUSH – strength does NOT equal BULK!

Strength = Lean, Tone, and MORE fat burning power!


Kyle Sottung

Kyle brings extensive fitness knowledge to the Iron Tribe Fitness brand. After he was recruited to Iron Tribe in 2013, he began implementing his comprehensive understanding and diverse experience in the field of strength and conditioning to radically improve the Iron Tribe Fitness program. Kyle continuously works to develop and improve the Iron Tribe Fitness program through innovative product development and ongoing coach development.