Special Debut the new PUSH program

Forrest Walden
December 13, 2016

After over a year of research, focus groups and testing, we are excited to announce….Iron Tribe’s Brand New HIIT Workout Program!

Tribe Nation,

Over the last year we’ve been secretly working behind the scenes to develop a brand new workout program unlike any you’ve ever experienced at Iron Tribe. We couldn’t be more excited to bring you our newest program along with some other exciting innovations to your daily experience!

We clearly heard that you love our core program and coaches and it’s what keeps you coming back. However, there was also a consensus that there was a great opportunity to offer a different style of workout program that could be complementary to the existing core program.

With all the data we learned, we started to build our new beta program. We then enlisted a select group of volunteers, from multiple locations in three different states, to become beta-testers in this new, experimental program. Our Director of Product Development, Kyle Sottung, has been masterfully formulating and overseeing this program and working through all of the logistics of how to roll this out brand wide.

The result is a brand new mixture of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), cardio-centric conditioning, and simple strength development in a program called PUSH. Even the most seasoned Iron Tribe veteran will be challenged in these fast paced, 45-minutes classes.

Using all of the current equipment except the barbell, along with new equipment options such as battle ropes, Assault bikes, and dumbbells will provide an entire new selection of exercises and workouts. You can expect to burn a lot of calories in this class and PUSH yourself to a leaner physique and improved conditioning! If you’d like to know what your fellow Tribe members think about it, then listen to some of the survey feedback we received from our beta testers at the downtown gym…

My overall experience with this new program was fantastic! This is just the addition to Iron Tribe that I wanted! I’m excited to incorporate this into my ”workout regime. This beta program has been so positive!

I’m burning more calories with the new PUSH program than I did in the regular classes, and I’m really enjoying the workouts, too.

I think the new PUSH workouts are fantastic, and my overall experience has been really positive.

The new PUSH program leaves you feeling accomplished…and you feel like you’ve done something worthwhile at the end of each class.

Here is some more of the feedback that we learned from our survey and our beta testers:

  1. Some of the regular workouts (existing Iron Tribe Class) leave some members feeling a little too sore or feeling like the workouts are too advanced for their current ability level. This leads to cherry picking certain workouts or not being able to workout as many times a week as you would like.
  2. Workouts feel too threatening, seem too intense for the average member, and for those who’ve been with us for a while you may be looking for something fresh.
  3. You want us to incorporate more mobility and flexibility training in our daily class offerings.
  4. You want to be able to see the full week of workout options so that you can plan your week.
  5. You need more specific help around nutrition to help you know exactly how much to eat, when to eat and how to customize it to your goals.
  6. And finally, we’ve heard that our members absolutely see the value in our program but wish there were a more economical option.

To be clear, we are not leaving our core programming. That class will always be central to who we are and what we do. You will now know that class as the POWER class. And for those of you who are looking to compete at the next level then you will definitely want to test into our PERFORM class for our most advanced clients. We will no longer offer a strength-specific class, however, our POWER class will still include barbell work and strength movements.

However, if you identify with any of the points above, then you are going to love what’s coming next…

Too Sore No More:

SIMPLY SUCCESS – PUSH workouts are less technical from a movement perspective, meaning you can start challenging yourself right away. The exercises used and the way they are programmed in this class allow for intense workouts with less soreness than the POWER program.

Still Intense, But With More Focus On Calorie Burn:

PUSH workouts are designed to stimulate your metabolism, and leave you with an after-burn effect that keeps your metabolism elevated for up to 12 hours after your workout. It can be incredibly effective as your sole program, or can be the perfect complement to our core program (POWER) that allows you to get in extra workouts each week without feeling beat up.

More Mobility Options:

We’ve rebuilt the entire schedule to offer dedicated 15 minute time slots to work on your mobility and flexibility! We’ve seen clients break out of plateaus, stay out of pain, and improve their workouts just by improving mobility. Now it will be a true focus going forward!

You’ll See the Workouts a Week in Advance:

No more waiting on the app to load the workout every night at 7:30 pm! We’ll post the full week of workouts every Sunday and you can plan out your entire week of PUSH, POWER, and Mobility/Flexibility classes.

More Economical Than Ever:

You’ll be delighted to discover that the new PUSH program is the most economical program we’ve offered in our history. In fact, we’ve worked our entire pricing model with you in mind. Pricing won’t change until February so that you have the full month of January to test the new program. As a current client you will more than likely want to use the new program in addition to the core program. However, no need to worry about this now. We will mail you a letter in mid-January (individualized to your current plan). Be on the lookout!

New Nutritional Tools:

Not only have we rewritten our FUEL manual but we’ve also partnered with a leading nutrition company to bring you detailed dieting templates that will factor in all of your specific variables and show you exactly what you need to eat, when to eat it and how much to consume! These will be released as part of the entry fee to our annual Transformation Challenge.

Fun, Very Fun, and Extremely Fun Ratings:

So just how fun is PUSH? Well, to answer that question, let’s look back at the PUSH beta test survey results. As you can see, 96% of your fellow Tribe members love these new workouts! And we are confident you will too. Because we’ve removed all the barbell work and highly technical skill in the PUSH program, there are no more dropping weights from overhead, no more heavy deadlifts, and no more struggling with movements that take a long time to master. But have no fear – if you love the competition, heavy barbell work, high skill emphasis, and intense workouts that we do now, you’ll love the new direction of the POWER and PERFORM programs.

Let’s look at some of the logistical questions you may be having at this point:

Q: When will the new programs start?

A: You will get that chance in January as we have all of the new equipment set to be delivered at each Birmingham location in late December! Each of you will have the option to schedule for a POWER class or a PUSH class with your existing credits through your app for the month of January.

Q: What new equipment will be added to each location?

A: Each location will be receiving 5 Assault bikes, battle ropes and a wide range of dumbbells.

If you competed in Tribal Wars this year then you know all about the Assault bike! This is one of the simplest tools out there for pure cardiovascular conditioning and fat loss! The bikes will be utilized in all of our program offerings.

With the battle ropes, you get out of it what you put into it! The ropes can be done with great intensity and very little learning curve. The Dumbbells are another great addition to our free weight selection – they allow for easy scales, additions to our exercise library, and new challenges for athletes in all of our program offerings.

Q: What’s going to happen to the 101 program?

A: Because the PUSH program does not involve the barbell or complex movements that demand a long on-ramping program, we are no longer going to require the 101 to get started with us. As soon as someone signs up they can start the PUSH program immediately which will provide a much easier and more streamlined way to get started. However, we are excited to announce the restructuring of our current 101 system into POWER PREP. This class that will be 6 classes over two weeks that can prepare any new client to attend the POWER classes. If you’ve already gone through our Athlete 101 in 2016 or earlier, you’re good to go for either class!

The great news for you is that you can now bring a friend to a PUSH class and they don’t have to have experience with our workouts, go through the 101, or have to wait until a bring a friend day! In fact, when we asked our PUSH beta-testers if they would refer friends to this program, 85% said they would refer friends who they normally wouldn’t recommend to Iron Tribe! And for a good reason too – the new workouts are an adrenaline boost!

Q: What is the new schedule going to look like?

A: We have re-worked each gym’s schedule and we will be using it starting on January 2nd. We want to provide multiple PUSH, POWER, and Mobility/Flexibility options throughout the day so that you always have the options you need to get in your workout. PERFORM classes will be based on demand at each location. Please be flexible with us as we know change can be hard but we want to come up with the best options that can serve the majority of our clients. We will be certainly looking for your feedback on what works best as we roll out this new schedule.

We will have in gym posters at each location showing the new schedule options so keep your eyes out for it very soon.

Q: Will this change the scheduling process?

A: As mentioned earlier in the newsletter you will now see the full weeks worth of workouts on your app. Once you’ve picked your classes for the week then you can simply schedule through your app like normal. Starting in January you will have access to both PUSH and POWER classes with your credits. We will be sending out new price options in the month of January that will give you the ability to customize your membership plan to attend one program or both and to stay at your current number of sessions a week or bump up to a new, lower cost, comprehensive unlimited bundle. We think you are going to like the new options!

Forrest Walden

Forrest is the founder and CEO of Iron Tribe Fitness. He pioneered the brand from his home garage in 2010, quickly franchising the company to include multiple stores throughout the country. He graduated from Auburn University and lives in Homewood, Ala., with his four children and wife, Mendy.