Texas-native ready to bring Iron Tribe Fitness to Cinco Ranch in…

Sarah Cook
February 23, 2016

Iron Tribe Fitness, a brand rooted in changing lives through strong fitness communities, is set to open its fourth Texas franchise under the leadership of Jeremy Browning, an Odessa, Texas native.

Browning purchased the rights to six Iron Tribe franchises last year. Now, he is poised to open his first location in Cinco Ranch.

An avid athlete throughout his life, 38-year-old Browning has played baseball collegiately, as well as coaching at the college level. From 2003 to 2007, Browning coached baseball at the University of Montevallo where he met then-athlete Jim Cavale, who is now the president of the Iron Tribe brand.

After coaching at Montevallo, Browning began to build a select baseball program in Dallas that focused on the wholistic approach to developing student athletes. Then, in 2011, after taking MBA courses, Browning left baseball and went into medical device sales. During his more than five years in the business, Browning acquired several accolades and did well financially. However, something was missing.

“I had an empty soul,” he said. “But based on my relationship with Jim, I had observed firsthand the launch and rapid growth of Iron Tribe Fitness in Birmingham. I was Intrigued. So, I called Jim, and over 18 months, inquired about how I could bring ITF to Houston as a franchisee.”

Browning said his personal health was also a motivating factor in his decision to become an Iron Tribe franchisee. At age 38, he was 260 pounds and felt his health taking a dangerous downward spiral.

“Working in the field of pain management, rheumatology, and orthopedics, I have seen firsthand the rapid degeneration of our nation’s health and wellness as a whole,” Browning said. “When I looked in the mirror, I was quickly becoming that person myself.”

In July 2015, Browning partnered with Iron Tribe Kansas City owner Lee Adams to purchase the rights to six Iron Tribe franchises in the North Houston market.

“I decided to commit my own life, fitness, health and wellness to Iron Tribe Fitness and its programming,” Browning said.

Today, Browning is 40 pounds lighter and said his life is changed for the better.

“Jeremy’s story is why Iron Tribe exists,” Cavale said. “We’re here to change lives, and we do that by fostering strong fitness communities. I’m confident that Jeremy will leverage his amazing leadership gifts to build an awesome team that will change many lives in Houston.”

Iron Tribe Fitness – Cinco Ranch will begin building internally in March, with a grand opening following soon after. The gym will be located at, Texas, 77494, in the new retail center across from Walgreens, Academy Sports and Krogers.

Houston-native Jacob Compton and Orange County, Calif. native, Michelle Mascoto, who have completed coaching training through Iron Tribe, will lead the gym on the floor as Browning’s first Coaching staff.

For more information on careers at Iron Tribe, and how to become a franchise partner, visit irontribefitness.com/career.

About Iron Tribe Fitness:

Started in a garage in 2009 by Birmingham native and former Auburn University cheerleader Forrest Walden, Iron Tribe Fitness opened its first brick and mortar location in 2010. From its humble beginnings, the company quickly grew to seven corporately owned gyms in Birmingham and Atlanta and more than 80 franchise locations sold since April 2012. There are 40 locations open today and the company plans to have 55 gyms open across the nation by the end of 2016. For more information, www.IronTribeFitness.com. Iron Tribe Fitness is neither associated with nor an affiliate of the brand CrossFit and may not be referenced as a CrossFit facility of any kind, in any context.

Sarah Cook

Sarah oversees social media and internal communication for Iron Tribe Fitness. Her goal is to share the mission of Iron Tribe so others can be transformed by the program, and ultimately become the healthiest version of themselves.