Transform Challenge 2017

Forrest Walden
January 12, 2017


Happy New Year! We hope you are enjoying the new PUSH and POWER programs! We’ve put a ton of work into building these programs and rolling them out in the least disruptive way possible. Thank you for your patience as we are still tweaking the operational and schedule changes that running multiple parallel programs provides.

One question that may be on your mind now that the holidays are behind us is where is the Transformation Challenge?

That’s a great question and one that we have also been thinking long and hard about!

With all of the changes we have rolled out in January, we didn’t want to try to cram in a challenge on top of it all. We had schedule changes, new logistic challenges with equipment and all of our coaches learning to teach the new program.

Not to mention each of you sampling the new program and figuring out which classes you were going to attend and how you were going to adjust your workout schedule going forward. In short, we could not have effectively given you the attention and focus that we would like in January and February as we implement all that has come with the new programs.

For the last 7 years, we have been running two-time-a-year challenges where one is focused on weight loss and aesthetics and one is focused on performance and power. This year we will be running three challenges where two will focus on weight loss and aesthetics and one will focus on performance and power. We always see some of our most dramatic results from you during these periods of intense focus and structure and want to increase that in 2017.

One of the key things we heard in our research phase last year (focus groups and brand-wide survey) is that a majority of our clients still have losing weight/fat as their primary goal.

One of the ways we have already addressed this is with the PUSH program option and coupled with that will be new nutritional tools that will primarily focus on helping you dial in your diet so that you can lose fat!

We’ve partnered with a leading nutritional company in our industry to build custom ITF nutritional templates and tools specific to you and your goals. This will make it easier than ever to get in the absolute best shape of your life. Me and several other coaches and franchisee’s have tested this program and we have gotten phenomenal results! We are excited to introduce it to each of you very soon.

We will be releasing these new tools with our upcoming and completely rebuilt TRANSFORM Challenge.

The Challenge will run from March 1 through April 14 to align nicely with Lent which is a great season to focus on new habit changes! Registration will begin on Feb. 1 and you will be hearing much more about it with all of the details soon.

I am confident that all of the changes will benefit your desire to be the healthiest version of yourself and we are committed to seeing that come true for each of you this year.

In Health,


P.S. – I won a vacation to Cabo in May so you better believe I’m going to crush this challenge with you guys to get swimsuit ready by 5/9!

P.P.S Stay tuned for more on events in a coming blog “2017 Iron Tribe Events Preview”

Forrest Walden

Forrest is the founder and CEO of Iron Tribe Fitness. He pioneered the brand from his home garage in 2010, quickly franchising the company to include multiple stores throughout the country. He graduated from Auburn University and lives in Homewood, Ala., with his four children and wife, Mendy.