TribeCAST with Forrest Walden: Ep 4: Fact Map Training Finalized

Sarah Cook
March 7, 2019

In this episode of TribeCAST, Forrest takes us to the finish line of Fact Mapping. This process will help you map out a solid plan to tackle the year ahead. You can begin this process at any time — it doesn’t have to happen January 1st! There’s never a bad time to take control of your business, body, being and balance your life for success personally and professionally.

This episode is a part of a sequence, so if you missed the two previous episodes, you’ll want to check them out here:


Sarah Cook

Sarah oversees social media and internal communication for Iron Tribe Fitness. Her goal is to share the mission of Iron Tribe so others can be transformed by the program, and ultimately become the healthiest version of themselves.