Your Holiday Eating Guide

ITF Staff
October 28, 2020

The holidays are officially here. Cue the cocktails, big family dinners and parties galore. While this time of year brings about some of the most festive times, it can also bring about a few extra pounds if we’re not careful.

Here are a few tips that will allow you to enjoy this special time of the year, but not completely derail your fitness plan:

1) Remember what the holidays are about

Enjoy the holidays! Just because you’re on a specific nutrition plan doesn’t mean you can’t delight in a few treats here and there. Just don’t overdo it! Remember, this time of year is about more than food. Keep your focus on those around you, not what’s on your plate.

2) What if I have a packed party schedule? Can I say no?

This depends on if you plan to stay on your diet. If you are going to an event specifically for the food, then consider limiting your schedule! If you plan on just going to be social and plan on staying on your nutrition plan, then of course go to as many parties as you would like. And, of course, use the power of NO to stand up to temptation.

What to do before the gathering: 

1) Eat a meal heavy in lean protein and vegetables.

This will help you feel full and satisfied, leaving you less likely to over indulge. For some, this strategy might not work so well because these calories will add onto what they will eat at the party anyway. But, the bottom line is that you cannot go into the gathering hungry. That’s a recipe for disaster.

2) Eat normally leading up the the occasion.

If you’re attending an evening event, don’t eat nothing all day because you will way over indulge later. Here’s a better strategy: cut out some carbs and fats leading up to the party. But at the very least, you need to eat all of your protein and vegetables leading up to the event.

3) Stay hydrated leading up to the party! This’ll help curb hunger and decrease the chances of binging.

What to do at the party

1) Don’t immediately go to the food table. Take a minute to socialize and take you mind off all the sweets.

2) Grab a drink first before food. Not the alcoholic kind. Grab a tea, coffee, glass of water or a zero-calorie drink. Fill your belly with some liquid to trick your mind into thinking that you are full.

3) Decide how much you’re going to eat. Set a limit and don’t go past it.

4) Eat protein and vegetables first. Then go back for a controlled portion of carbs and fats.

5) Survey the  options carefully. Once you have surveyed the table, then decide what your truly want.

6) Try to make your plate 50% vegetables, 25% Protein, and 25% carbs, or fats. If there’s a specific dessert you know you can’t leave without, get a small piece!

After the meal 

1) Remove yourself from the food area. This is the time to socialize and spend time with friends and family

2) Grab another drink. Coffee and Tea are great appetite suppressants. Or keep drinking water. It has zero calories!

3) Pop in some minty gum. (Because who is going to eat something and have to take out your gum and have a minty taste while eating some tasty food — right?)

Bonus tip:

The power of saying NO. Do not fear saying NO and know that you are strong and you can resist temptation to eat a certain food or a certain amount of food. Say NO to those around you as well. In the end and on the inside they will respect you for not giving into temptation and living a healthy lifestyle.

ITF Staff

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