The Best Workouts in America

By Men’s Journal

Iron Tribe Fitness

The Iron Tribe started when founder Forrest Walden wanted to do group workouts with his friends but couldn’t find a gym — so he started one in his garage. Thirty-seven locations later, the grassroots, former-CrossFit affiliate’s purpose is still the same: to focus on becoming ‘athletic’ instead of just ‘in shape.’

Each exercise during the 45 minutes is based on functional fitness. That means your workout boosts real-life performance, like lifting a heavy box when you’re moving or sprinting through the airport to catch your flight. Because of the variation of exercises, such as deadlifts, kettlebell circuits, and running, no two days of the workout are the same, but the camaraderie is. Each class is 20 people or less and each facility is limited to 300 members.

Try It Yourself:

  • 20 kettlebell swings
  • 20 kettlebell squat jumps
  • 3×5 barbell deadlifts
  • 3×5 barbell squats
  • 1 minute plate push
  • Complete two rounds

Location: Nationwide

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